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Roughmoor farm was originally built and used as a working family farm and much of the surrounding land was farmed by the occupants. Between 1965 and 2008 it was owned by DEFRA, who used the buildings as offices for natural england. Its 35 rooms were occupied by the staff and the gardens which had been reduced to just under 2 acres, became a haven for local wildlife. 

In august 2009, the property was returned to its original name and residential use and the restoration project began. The offices were stripped of their florescent lights, kitchen and bathrooms were installed and many original fireplaces and features were revealed. The fire doors were replaced with old panel doors and windows and shutters were carefully stripped and painted. 

The gardens have also been restored and carefully nurtured back into a kitchen garden producing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The ancient orchard produces a vast harvest of many varieties of apples, pears, plums and even medlars. The chickens roam free in the garden, providing eggs for the house. We also have some bee hives, managed by a local expert.

The grounds also provide a beautiful, quintessentially english venue for local weddings and gatherings in a traditional canvas marquee.

The farm has provided accommodation for many people since its restoration and is described as a peaceful haven, surrounded by fields, but within walking distance of Taunton town centre. 

It is currently home to our growing family of children and grandchildren and also provides accommodation for a variety of WWOOFER's, family guests, Bed and Breakfast (AIRBNB), tenants, lodgers and students on holiday. 

It has developed into a small community with passion for the environment and eco friendly living. 

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